Fighting cuts and privatisation in the NHS

There is a growing consensus that the NHS is close to financial collapse. This, on top of the state of crisis in social care funding, means that health and care services face cuts and potentially increasing privatisation.

Services and jobs are threatened, with staff and patients worried about the future.

Our priority is to make sure that the NHS is safe for patients and staff.

We believe that this cannot be done through more cuts or privatisation of services. Further involvement of a profit-driven private sector in the health service will mean there is less money to put into maintaining and improving services.

UNISON continues to fight for an NHS that is a comprehensive service, free at the point of need and not driven by profit. We are also opposed to changes to services that are simply about saving money and not in the best interests of patients.

At UNISON we’re acting locally by supporting our members and activists to campaign to protect local services. Nationally we lobby politicians and talk to the media about why the NHS matters