Pension rights for councillors?

UNISON has responded to a government consultation on whether councillors and other elected local office holders should continue to be allowed to join the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS).

Many councillors work long hours and their allowances are treated as pay.

UNISON believes that, with many councillors trying to raise families and making career sacrifices, it would seem completely wrong to deny them the right to save for their retirement in a similar way as members of staff who work for the council.

The union says access to a pension arrangement that is fit for purpose like the LGPS would have a positive, rather than negative, effect on local democracy, and enhance the independence of councillors to represent their local community.

UNISON believes that for low paid workers in particular, the LGPS is the only realistic option which would allow councillors a reasonable chance of being able to retire with dignity rather than in poverty and rely on state means tested benefits.


Department of Communities and Local Government consultation:Taxpayer-funded pensions for councillors and other elected local office holders

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Key issue: Pension power

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