Scrap the cap

UNISON has joined the National Pensioners Convention and the charity United for All Ages asking peers to conisder 10 key questions when they consider the current Care Bill, which includes government on proposals to introduce a £72,000 cap on the cost of care.

The 10 questions are:

  • Will the cap make the care system easier and simpler?
  • Will the cap prevent older people having to sell their homes?
  • Will the cap tackle underfunding and improve care?
  • Will the cap meet growing unmet need?
  • Will insurers provide products to meet the cap?
  • Will the cap support prevention?
  • Will the cap support the integration of care and health?
  • Will the cap benefit those most struggling to pay for care?
  • Will the cap help people on low-mid incomes?
  • Does the cap treat all ages the same?

UNISON believes the cap fails all these tests: itwill make the current complex system even more complicated; will not prevent older people having to sell their homes to pay for care and will fail to meet growing unmet need.

UNISON and the other organisations are calling for a free National Care Service funded like the NHS through general taxation and a redistribution of current government spending.

The draft Care Bill will be debated by the a House of Lords select committee tomorrow (9 July) and by the full House Lords later this month.


Key issue: Retired people: – health and social care