London nurse knife attacker in court

A patient who attacked a nurse at St George’s hospital, South London this week (Tuesday 8th January) is to appear in court in Wandsworth today on three counts of GBH.

The knife wielding attacker was apprehended by police in the hospital grounds after stabbing 2 patients and a nurse (the Sister of the unit).

Staff Nurse Gail Adams, UNISON Branch Secretary at St George’s, said:

“This was a totally unprovoked attack on dedicated nursing and reception staff, who were simply trying to protect the patients in their care, hospital staff are shocked and outraged by the attack”.

“Police hospital security staff and the receptionist are to be commended on acting swiftly and bravely to apprehend the attacker. And UNISON is recommending that all staff involved accept the management’s offer to provide professional counselling”

Michael Walker UNISON Regional Officer, said:

“It is regrettable that a minority in our society seem to find it acceptable not only to carry knives but to use them, even against nurses”.

“St George’s management have worked closely with UNISON to improve security at the hospital since nurse Paul Trotman was stabbed in August 2000. UNISON

doesn’t want to see the introduction of patient searches, as we believe this would undermine the patient – nurse relationship. However, should these

attacks continue we may have to think the unthinkable.

“UNISON is demanding tougher penalties for those found guilty of attacking hospital staff. In recent court cases those found guilty of attacking nurses received fines of as little as £30. It is simply not acceptable and nurses won’t accept being attacked, as some kind of occupational hazard”.