Virtually everyone working in the health sector has experience of being managed and many also have experience of being managers in their own right.

In partnership with UNISON, Nursing Times want to find out what you think about line management in your organisation, both as someone who is managed and potentially someone who is a manager themselves.

Please take 15 minutes to complete our joint survey. The findings will provide valuable learning and also form the basis of a news story and a discussion at our inaugural Workforce Summit later this year.

The first and last few questions are about peoples’ experience of being managed, while the remainder are aimed at those in line management roles

UNISON represents the whole nursing family, including nurses, midwives, health visitors and healthcare assistants.

We have a large network of branch representatives and national and regional officers, who are committed to providing you with help and support when dealing with problems at work.

We represent our members in many ways, offering help and advice at work, raising your professional/local concerns or by highlighting issues that will affect all health workers at a national level. We work together to make sure our members’ concerns are heard – whether it’s about pay, health and safety, discrimination or the future of our NHS.

We actively campaign on issues like pensions, health and safety, salaries for student nurses, regulation for healthcare assistants and an end to discrimination and harassment.

Health students

UNISON is the largest trade union representing student nurses. We are dedicated to campaigning for a better deal for nursing and midwifery students and run several campaigns around areas such as the bursary and accommodation.

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Healthcare assistants

UNISON recognises the huge diversity of roles and responsibilities that Healthcare assistants (HCAs) carry out on a daily basis.

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Community specialist public health nurses

UNISON represents the whole health care team and an important part of the team are the community nurses.

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Midwives are responsible for the care and well being of mothers and babies from pregnancy to post natal care.

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Ward nurses at Manor Hospital, Walsall

Nursing associates

Nursing Associates are a new role in England. They will allow staff to gain advanced knowledge and skills that will make a huge different to patients and their families.

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