Ward nurses at Manor Hospital, Walsall

Nursing associates

The new nursing associate role in England will allow staff to gain the advanced knowledge and skills to make a huge difference to patients and their families.

Working under the direction of registered nurses, nursing associates will also be qualified to take on some clinical responsibilities in their own right.

A first wave of pilot sites was announced in October 2016, and a second wave in November 2016.

How UNISON can help Nursing Associates

UNISON welcomes the fact that the nursing associate role will be regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council and we will work to support our members to gain, and maintain, their registration once this becomes a requirement.

UNISON’s job is to make sure nursing associates are treated fairly, have clear roles and responsibilities, and access to ongoing learning and development.

For example, we were able to ensure that all trainee nursing associates in NHS employers are paid on Band 3 of the Agenda for Change pay scales.

UNISON is the largest union representing healthcare staff and students across the UK with more workplace representatives than any other union.

If you are a trainee nursing associate, make sure you join UNISON.

If you have an issue or concern or some positive feedback about the nursing associate programme you can email us on health@unison.co.uk

If you are a UNISON member on the nursing associate programme we have a special private Facebook group that you can apply to join.