Healthcare assistants

UNISON has a wide membership amongst health care assistants and support workers.

Healthcare assistants and support workers are a crucial and respected part of the nursing family, conducting a range of clinical activities in their day to day work and providing direct care to patients and families.

We actively campaign on key issues facing you such as safe staffing levels, pay, and continuing education and development.

We support the expansion of routes to working as a registrant as long as they are well paid and supported. However working as a health care assistant is a crucial, exciting role in itself and we campaign to make sure the role is well paid and has good development opportunities.

UNISON co-ordinates with other trade unions on a European level on issues facing healthcare assistants and support workers and supports greater recognition and opportunities.

Pay fair for patient care – getting it right for healthcare support staff

Pay fair for patient care

UNISON is working to get healthcare support staff (like HCAs) carrying out clinical tasks above their pay band to be rewarded, respected and recognised. Find out more about our Pay Fair for Patient Care campaign.

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