NHS plan annual report

The progress report from the NHS Modernisation Board published today underlines the amount of progress being made in reforming the NHS, but highlights the enormity of the task still ahead says UNISON, the UK’s

largest health union.

Paul Marks, UNISON National Secretary for Health, said:

“Real progress has been achieved and UNISON members are proud to have played

a vital part in delivering better patient care. The new hospitals, extra

beds and state of the art equipment are welcome and the cuts in waiting

times highlight the hard work and dedication of NHS staff.

“UNISON wants to help build on that progress so that no one is left sick or

in pain waiting for treatment. And nor should patients have to be sent

abroad or to a private hospital for treatment.

“There is still an enormous task ahead and UNISON shares a sense of

frustration with the public that progress is slow.

“Widespread staff shortages across the NHS are still a major obstacle to

progress. UNISON believes it is staff who hold the key to future reforms,

and new initiatives and best practice need to be highlighted and shared

across the service. This, and not PFI or privatisation will restore public

confidence and re-create a health service that we can all be proud of.”