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UNISON works with individual unions and global union federations to defend public services and fight against austerity around the world. We also have a responsibility to defend human and trade union rights wherever they are under attack.


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    UNISON's international policy is determined by national delegate conference.

    Current policy areas include Middle East and North Africa; Southern Africa; Asia; Latin America; Promoting public services globally; Labour and human rights; Progressive development; and the UNISON International Development Fund.

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    We keep you up-to-date with the latest news from around the globe, including appeals for urgent action, news about the activities of sister unions worldwide and information about international-related events happening in the UK.

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  • Working Internationally

Support health worker victims of Ebola

As the death toll from Ebola continues to rise in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea; Public Services International (PSI), the global union to which UNISON is affiliated, has set up an Ebola aid fund. The fund will provide immediate relief and assistance to PSI’s affiliates’ members and their families, especially in cases where health workers have died and their families have no access to social protection.

PSI is encouraging fellow trade unionists to contribute to the fund as, to date, over 350 health workers have died trying to contain the disease and care for those who have contracted it. In a short video tribute PSI have named 325 of the health workers who died (the figure continues to rise); “victims of corporate interests and social injustice” said PSI general secretary, Rosa Pavanelli.

UNISON is also supporting a PSI project that will help local health workers and their unions to advocate for better training and protection against Ebola as well as advocating for improved and expanded public health systems to be put in place. This project will be run over the next two years and is being supported by a number of international unions, including UNISON.

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