Marcia’s last stand

Marcia Lewis had worked for Caerphilly Council for more than 20 years, when she suddenly faced the prospect of being fired and rehired. With UNISON’s support, she challenged her employer and won – making a difference for thousands of her colleagues

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elderly woman with carer

Care workers in Powys face fire and rehire

Care workers in Powys have been stripped of their paid break times and must now work longer hours

Kevin Jackson speaking to rows of delegates

‘We need to outlaw fire and rehire forever,’ declares UNISON community conference 

The annual conference was held in Bournemouth on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 March

Fire and rehire: How to fight it

UNISON lawyers, organisers and activists give advice on how to fight the aggressive employment practice that’s on the rise

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Exam board staff add strike on GCSE results day

Fourth set of AQA strike dates includes further key results day

Care staff begin strike over fire and rehire plans

Workers have been left with no choice but to take action

Care staff announce strikes over fire and rehire plans

St Monica Trust workers line up five strike days

Care staff announce strikes over fire and rehire plans

Bristol care company St Monica Trust wants to cut pay by £400 a month

Care home fire and rehire threat will drive staff out of the sector

Ministers need to make good on promise to clamp down on unscrupulous bosses

Strikers outside Smethwick Baths

Sandwell leisure workers celebrate pay victory after latest strike

Employer announces it will return the workers to national pay, terms and conditions after last week’s industrial action

Fire and rehire clampdown welcome but must go further

Practice should be made unlawful and workers’ rights charter introduced

P and O ferry approaching land

Blog: P&O is just a symptom, the government must fix the disease

We need to act now and make sure the government kills off fire and rehire for good while the public is still outraged at what has happened at P&O Ferries