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Bridge the Gender Pay Gap: bargaining guide

A comprehensive guide to understanding gender pay gap reporting and how to achieve concrete policy changes on pay, recruitment, training, carers’ policies and other areas that can help to bridge the gap.

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Blog: It’s time to Bridge the Gap

It will take all of us who care about equality and fairness playing our part to overturn these structural inequalities in our society. Yet the work our union and others have done already shows we can achieve real change.

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Gender pay gap still a problem, delegates hear

Local government conference debates measures to tackle the issue, as the pay gap and the glass ceiling still exist

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Bridge The Gap

6 March 2019 – 31 March 2023

In the UK, on average, men earn 18% more than women. This is our gender pay gap. Find out how it happens and what UNISON is doing to bridge it.

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Bridging the gender pay gap

With more than one million women members representing 80% of the union, conference hears how UNISON is at the forefront of the campaign to eradicate the gender pay gap

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♡ UNISON: because we fight for equal pay

‘Work with us, in partnership with employers rather than as adversaries, to close the gender pay gap’

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Working with your employer to bridge the gap: A how-to guide for activists

This handy compact leaflet offers activists a ‘bitesize guide’ to starting a conversation with your employer about tackling its gender pay gap. A 6-step process that includes helpful tips. (Print double-sided and fold to A6)

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