Recruitment Materials for shift and weekend workers

Conference, the threat included amongst the Winsor recommendations to withdraw shift premia and weekend working allowances present Unison with an opportunity to recruit staff in occupational groups where the removal of these elements of pay would have a massive impact. This motion calls for Unison to produce specific recruitment materials aimed at these workers .

Loss of allowances owing to Winsor

Conference, the Winsor recommendations would mean that many of our members would lose a substantial amount of pay , and pension, because they will no longer receive shift premia or weekend allowance. This loss will mean people may lose their homes, will fall into debt, may decide they cannot afford to start a family, or […]

Uniforms in probation

This conference deplores the attempt by a probation trust to impose uniforms on some staff as part of their terms and conditions. This is a unilateral imposition and it is not motivated by health and safety requirements. This conference urges Unison probation negotiators to continue to seek to protect terms and conditions for all staff […]

Future of Police Staff Pay and Conditions (England and Wales)

Conference notes the publication of the second part of Tom Winsor’s Report into the future of police staff pay and conditions in England and Wales in March 2012. This second instalment of the Winsor Review was billed by the Government and Tom Winsor as offering a strategic vision of what pay and conditions should look […]

Police Professional Body

Conference is deeply concerned at the way in which proposals for a new Policing Professional Body are being put together. The governance structures of the new body, which replaces the training and development functions of the National Policing Improvement Agency and some aspects of the Association of Chief Police Officers, are set to become completely […]

Facility Time Campaign

Conference condemns the growing threat of attacks on elected trade union representatives, at both the local level and nationally in police, probation and the Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service (CAFCASS). Conference notes that on the same day that a million UNISON members took industrial action to defend their pensions, Prime Minister David Cameron […]

Police and Crime Commissioners

Conference recognises that the election of Police and Crime Commissioners in November this year will fundamentally change the landscape of policing and potentially a wide range of other justice services in the future. UNISON was opposed to the concept of Police and Crime Commissioners, because we did not believe that a single elected politician could […]

Police Staff Burn Out

Conference recognises the impact the ongoing job losses are having on those police staff who remain in post. With increasing expectations from Government and the public, police staff are under continuous pressure to deliver the same level of performance with significantly less staff and burn out is now a serious threat. Conference therefore calls upon […]

Winsor Recommendations

Conference is concerned that the ideology contained within the Winsor recommendations is not equalities friendly and seeks to divide the workforce. In addition to this, conference condemns the attitude of the author with regard to intellectual elitism as exhibited at the Policing 2012 conference 12th June 2012. In particular remarks made about the intelligence of […]

Private Life

As private citizens, our Police Staff members have a right to privacy that right is fast being eroded by intrusive policies within the Police Service. Police Staff employees deserve the right to a private life and no legislation exists as it does for Police Officers which places restrictions on their private life. It is accepted […]

Revitalising Health and Safety

Health and Safety is vital for Police, Probation and the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (CAFCASS) Staff. Our direct interaction with the public will often put our members in difficult situations where their safety and well being may be jeopardised. It is therefore important that our employers have robust and effective Health […]

International ties

This conference notes the importance of maintaining contact with like minded trade unions outside of the UK. As the government seeks to utilise policing models from other cultures such as Police and Crime Commissioners, it is important to gain learning from international trade unionists who share our values and have experience in organising within these […]

No to privatisation of police and justice services

This conference is utterly opposed to the privatisation of police and justice services. Conference notes that privatisation is being driven by the Tory-led coalition government on purely ideological and cost–cutting grounds. Conference believes that not only does privatisation fundamentally change the nature of the service, but threatens our terms and conditions. Conference notes that many […]

Hate crime – a workplace issue

Conference notes that over the past decades, the police and justice services have been transformed by union and community pressure into organisations committed to tackling discrimination and promoting equality. A litmus test of this is the understanding of and commitment to identifying and tackling hate crime. This has involved building links with communities and the […]

Putting Equalities back on the agenda

Conference notes with disappointment that matters relating to equalities may have slipped down the agenda in recent years. We all understand the pressures that are placed on members, branches and employers because of the swinging cuts at the hands of the ConDem government and that our attentions have understandably been elsewhere. Equalities is the bedrock […]