Revitalising Health and Safety

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2012 Police & Justice Conference
13 June 2012
Carried as Amended

Health and Safety is vital for Police, Probation and the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (CAFCASS) Staff. Our direct interaction with the public will often put our members in difficult situations where their safety and well being may be jeopardised. It is therefore important that our employers have robust and effective Health and Safety policies, procedures and safe systems of work.

The government have already attempted to water down health and safety legislation and it is our duty to maintain standards in partnership with other unions and staff associations who share our values, so that the views of this government do not temper the action of our employers in their approach to Health and Safety.

The safety and well being of our members whilst at work, is a fundamental element of our Trade Union obligations. In achieving this, conference call upon the SGE to:

1)Contact all branches within the service group reminding them of our obligations and commitment to Health and Safety.

2)Provide information on Health and Safety for the use of branches.

3)Make contact with partner unions and staff associations for the purpose of seeking to develop a joint communication on the importance of Health and Safety in the workplace for our respective members and employers alike.