Putting Equalities back on the agenda

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2012 Police & Justice Conference
13 June 2012
Carried as Amended

Conference notes with disappointment that matters relating to equalities may have slipped down the agenda in recent years. We all understand the pressures that are placed on members, branches and employers because of the swinging cuts at the hands of the ConDem government and that our attentions have understandably been elsewhere.

Equalities is the bedrock of our Trade Union and it is what separates us from other organisations. It is clear that this government does not value equalities and is happy to erode the rights of our members and the most vulnerable in society. The lack of an equalities theme in the Winsor recommendations is further evidence of this attack on fairness and equality within the workplace.

As a Trade Union, it is our duty to promote the equalities agenda at all levels of the union and with our interactions with other agencies. In achieving these aims we call upon the SGE to:

1)Put equalities at the heart of negotiations, representations, briefings and interactions made on behalf of the Service Group and its constituent sectors.

2)Remind branches of the union’s commitment to equalities in appropriate correspondence.

3)Encourage branches to recruit Equalities officers and to support Self Organisation.