Promoting LGBT Equality in the NHS

Conference notes the increasing evidence of health inequalities facing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people including: 1.Higher levels of tobacco, alcohol and drug usage; 2.Higher levels of anxiety, depression and self harm. Conference recognises that there are many causes from such inequalities including: A.Experiences of bullying and harassment at school; B.Experiences of hate crime; […]

Human Rights in Healthcare

Conference notes: 1.UNISON’s “Charter for Change for LGBT Equality”, with significant references to health and well being as well as service delivery in the healthcare setting; 2.The coming in to being of the Commission for Equality and Human Rights; 3.The inclusion in the Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) of equality, diversity and respect for human […]

Amendment to Standing Order 3.1

‘After “Transgender Members Caucus” delete “and” Add at end “and by the National Young Members Forum.”

Continued Growth of the BNP

Conference notes with alarm that the BNP continue to gain ground around the country following elections held on 3rd May this year. In these elections the BNP polled 292,911 votes England and Scotland, the highest vote for fascism in British history. The BNP failed to be elected to the North Wales seat on the Welsh […]

Blood Donation, Gay and Bisexual Men

Conference is concerned that just 6% of the adult population donate blood. Conference also notes with concern that STI’s (inc HIV), are rising fastest among sections of the Heterosexual population. Conference calls on the National Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Committee to work with sister unions via the TUC and UNISON Health Group to continue […]

Support ILGA

Conference notes with dismay the continuing opposition to LGBT Pride demonstrations and marches in many countries. We are saddened in particular by the violence that has been expressed towards LGBT people participating in Pride demonstrations in Russia, Poland, Latvia, Croatia and many other countries. Conference urges all UNISON LGBT groups, branches and regions to affiliate […]

Positively Public

LGBT people have many skills and talents to offer the workplace, something that is not always recognised, even in workplaces that claim to be ‘equalities friendly’. Positively Public is UNISON’s campaign for quality in our public services, and for recognition of the essential role of public service workers in achieving this. Conference welcomes the reinvigoration […]

Policing of Public Sex Environments

Conference is aware following the recent legislative changes in relation to Sexual Orientation Regulations that most major employers are reviewing their policies in this area. Conference welcomes the news that the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) is also reviewing and updating its policies and procedures in relation to the policing of public sex environments, […]

Service Group Representation on National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) Self Organised Group (SOG) Committees

This Conference is concerned that there is no provision for service groups to be fully represented on national self organised group (SOGs) and vice versa. There is provision regionally for all SOGs to be represented on regional service group committees. This appears to be out of line if this does not extend to national bodies. […]

SOGs – “Hands off they are ours and we need them”

This Conference welcomes the campaigning and hard work over the years, which has resulted in increased understanding between the separate self organised groups (SOGs), caucuses and strands within our diverse communities and workforces. Conference further welcomes the various legal changes leading to better protection against discrimination for different groups, and the potential to bring these […]

Gender Identity – A Workplace Issue

Conference welcomes the progress made – with the active involvement of trans members – in raising the profile of trans issues in UNISON. This has included the establishment of an inclusive LGBT group, the setting up of a growing trans caucus with representation on the National Committee and the production of specific organising and bargaining […]

Putting Our House in Order

Conference believes that while UNISON has made significant progress towards inclusion of its diverse membership in its structures, organising, negotiations and campaigning, full LGBT inclusion has yet to be achieved and work continues to completely eliminate homophobia, biphobia and transphobia and to promote LGBT equality in everything the union does. Our self organised groups have […]


Conference welcomes the recent revision of UNISON’s bargaining fact sheets on sexual orientation and gender identity, and recognises the value of the organising tools available from the Out in UNISON website, which includes the LGBT campaign guide, and the model statement on sexual orientation and gender identity. Conference recognises that these resources only have any […]

A Genuinely Inclusive LGBT Group

Conference celebrates the fact we have now been a LGBT Self Organised Group for over two years. We have faced many challenges relating to how we organise and become a truly inclusive group. We have had much success but there is still more work to do to include, involve and organise transgender and bisexual members […]

Continuing Our International Work

Conference acknowledges the ongoing oppression faced by LGBT people in many countries of the world for example: 1.Threats, intimidation and abuse at Pride events and the denial of the freedom of assembly; 2.Homosexuality criminalised in many states, with some still using the death penalty; 3.Lack of action against hate crimes. 4.Rape targeted specifically at a […]