Conference notes that many young people leave school with good exam results and the hope and dreams to gain full employment, more education and to expand their horizons for growth and independence. It’s well known that most disabled young people, due to lack of support during difficult times come out of education with lower grades […]


This Conference is concerned about the lack of information on the Rights of Disabled members at work on the UNISON website. Conference therefore calls upon the National Disabled Members Committee to: 1.Work with other bodies within UNISON who update the website to: a) Produce relevant information on the rights of disabled members at work b) […]


When the recession started to bite in 2008 the numbers of disabled people being made redundant was not proportionally higher than their non disabled counterparts. One possible reason for this was that a higher proportion of disabled people were employed in the public sector which was more disability friendly than the private sector. Currently twice […]


Conference notes that this Tory-led Government is savagely attacking the public sector both in the funding for services it provides to service users but also to the terms and conditions of the millions of people it employs throughout the country. Massive cuts to funding are also being faced by the third sector which provides services […]


Conference notes that many disabled people are able to lead a fulfilling working life due to the physical adaptations, computer equipment and appropriate office furniture which has been partly funded by AtW. From September 2010 AtW changed their rules and now only provide funding for highly specialised equipment and support workers, therefore, employers will have […]

Disability Leave

Conference instructs National Disabled Members Committee to give a written report back to next years conference along with a presentation on proposals on how to speed up the adoption of disability leave policy by employers where we organise across the UK. The report will need to look at why it has been adopted by some […]


It is estimated that the Governments house building target of 150,000 homes in England over four years will fall short of the number needed by nearly quarter of a million. Up to 5 million people are on housing waiting lists and 2.5 million families are living in overcrowded conditions. Where does this leave disabled people […]

Call on UNISON to press the TUC to lead campaign to improve the State Pension

Conference is aware that Britain has one of the lowest state pensions in Europe and that 2.5 million older people are living below the poverty level. The trade union movement is understandably most concerned with improving occupational pensions, but the active support from UNISON and the Trades Union Congress is necessary for a successful campaign […]

Support for Retired Members Groups

Conference welcomes the decision of the National Retired Members’ Committee (NRMC) to offer retired member support to branches and regions in the recruitment of new members and in campaigning. Conference is concerned however that branches and regions for their part give full support to non-social retired member activity. The NRMC is instructed to request the […]

Don’t condem young disabled people

Conference believes that young people are amongst those most likely to suffer as a consequence of the damaging policies being pursued by the Con-Dem Government, and that young disabled people will be especially hard-hit. Conference also believes that: 1.The job losses in the public and private sector predicted by the Treasury will have a catastrophic […]

Employers Discriminatory Tactics

Conference is concerned in the rise of employers using discriminatory tactics such as: ·Sickness procedures ·Capability and performance policies ·Presenteism ·Exclusion in recruitment and selection within restructure To rid themselves of disabled employees with minimum expenditure Conference calls upon UNISON National Disabled members Committee to: a)to work with branches and disabled members to actively pursue […]

Living Wills & Advance Directives

Conference believes many retired UNISON members would like to make their wishes known concerning their medical treatment and/or their financial or other affairs at the end of their lives in case they become incapable of doing so at the time. Conference believes many of them would be glad if their trades union could signpost them […]

Retaining Members When They Retire

Conference notes the efforts of many branches and branch retired members’ groups to retain members when they retire but regrets to note the apparent lack of support, co-ordination and reporting to sustain these efforts. Conference believes a haphazard approach may lead to patchy results and may reproduce or exaggerate patterns of inclusion and exclusion among […]

Education Cuts

Conference is concerned about the increase in tuition fees for all areas of post-16 education. This is not only means for younger people as many retired people make full use of these facilities. Increases in fees apply not only to universities and colleges but to adult education courses and providers such as the workers education […]

NHS Care for the Elderly

Mr Cameron pledged, “We can’t go on like this. I’ll cut the deficit, not the NHS”. The election manifesto stated, “We are the party of the NHS, we back its funding and have visions for its future.” In January 2011 he said “We recognise its special place in our society, so we will not cut […]