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2011 National Disabled Members' Conference
27 June 2011
Carried as Amended

It is estimated that the Governments house building target of 150,000 homes in England over four years will fall short of the number needed by nearly quarter of a million. Up to 5 million people are on housing waiting lists and 2.5 million families are living in overcrowded conditions.

Where does this leave disabled people who need adapted or accessible homes to live independently? Who is paying attention to this issue?

Housing is reported to be the ‘building block of the public services.’ This must surely include adapted but where are they? How many private landlords will spend the money to make their properties accessible for disabled people?

The Localism Bill will reduce equalities requirements in public service procurement and planning meaning the needs of disabled people are less likely to be met.

Conference calls upon National Disabled Members Committee to:

1.Lobby Government to put pressure on private landlords to adopt good practice by providing suitable housing for disabled people

2.Lobby Government to provide more funds for adapted social housing for disabled people

3. Lobby the Government to ensure that adapted properties which are funded through the local purse should be ring fenced for other disabled people so that they do not go to non-disabled people when occupancy has changed.

4.Lobby Government to amend current legislation in respect of the statutory management of social housing waiting lists. The intention being to achieve higher banding priority for disabled applicants on waiting lists operating under Choice Based Lettings Schemes.