A ceasefire in Gaza is essential now

Harrowing images of death, destruction and human suffering in the Palestine/Israel conflict cannot fail to move even the most hard-hearted cynic.

Pitiful scenes of parents, distraught with grief over the slaughter of their children, cry out for the international community, politicians and Palestinian and Israeli leaders to call a halt. 

We in UNISON are horrified at the rising death toll in Gaza, now over 1,200 – the vast majority of them innocent civilians, including hundreds of children. Destruction of civilian and UN infrastructure in recent days, including schools, hospitals and the territory’s only power plant, will have grave ramifications for the Palestinian population now and long after this latest military operation ceases.

The excessive Israeli attacks are unjustifiable and totally disproportionate.

UNISON re-iterates its call for an immediate cease-fire and an end to the blockade imprisoning 1.9 million people. And we want the international community to provide urgently needed humanitarian aid to Gaza, including food, water, medical aid and generators.

Our government must immediately end the arms trade with Israel.  But a lasting peace relies on an end to the illegal occupation and blockade of the Palestinian territories and for the creation of a viable, independent Palestinian state alongside Israel.

UNISON encourages members and branches who wish to provide assistance to make a donation to Medical Aid for Palestinians, a charity with a long history of working in Gaza and with whom UNISON has worked in the past.

UNISON working internationally