Easy Joiner: coming soon to a region near you

A couple of onscreen taps, get your potential recruit to fill in their name and email and just like that, you’ve recruited a new member

Just in time for Grovember: UNISON is rolling out our new Easy Joiner online tool to support reps helping to grow our union on the move.

And it’s coming soon to a region near you – if it’s not already there.

Are you talking to colleagues about joining the union, or visiting a different workplace, but you’ve run out of application forms?

Have you convinced your sister-in-law to join over Sunday roast, but aren’t sure if she’ll remember to long on to a website and fill in an online form?

Then this could be just the thing for you.

Using your phone, or any device with an internet connection, simply go to
easy.unison.org.uk and activate your account by entering an email address you have registered with UNISON.

Then click the link to start recruiting.

Once you’ve signed on, the whole process is just two simple steps.

Step one: find the workplace you are in by tapping the Find new workplace button, then scrolling to the relevant workplace or using the search function to – just like checking in somewhere on Facebook.

Step two: hand your phone or device to the person you’re recruiting, for them to enter their name and email address.

Congratulations you have just recruited your first member using Easy Joiner.

It’s as simple as that. The potential member will immediately receive link to our new online joining form, with the information – name, email, employer etc – already filled in.

If you have any questions about Easy Joiner, please contact us at