November is just around the corner – and that means it’s nearly Grovember!

You know about Grovember right? Our month-long push to raise our recruitment levels and improve retention too? Everybody’s talking about it and planning their work to make the UK’s biggest and best union even bigger and even better. To make it work we need everyone to join in.

Get ready for November

Supporting members and recruiting new people to UNISON is what we all do week in and week out anyway.  Because of our focus on recruitment and organising, we’ve kept UNISON strong despite massive job cuts in public services. But now we have a chance to turn things around and grow our union.

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate our 25th birthday – and to help all those people out there working hard to provide our vital public services who should be in UNISON because they need us.

So, let’s get out there and talk to them about all the support that’s on offer from UNISON and all the great campaigning work we are doing to improve the public services we all care so much about. Let’s show potential members why we are so proud to be in UNISON, and let’s remind our existing members why they joined and how to access our help and support when they need it.

There’s plenty of stuff available on our online catalogue to help you plan and deliver Grovember in our online catalogue.

Share what you are doing

We’d love to know what your plans are, what you are organising and how it all went – plus pictures of course. With that in mind we’d like to suggest three steps for sharing:

Step 1 – share on social media via usual channels – Please use #joinUNISON when you are tweeting so we can see everything that is happening.

Step 2 – email us at

Step 3 – share your organising tips on the organising space



Building on the success of Grovember

As we go for some spring growth in May, what does the data from Grovember tell us? What useful lessons can we pick out from it?

Branch noticeboard competition winners announced!

Congratulations to London Ambulance Service branch’s Battersea station who are the overall winners of our Grovember branch noticeboards competition

Record recruitment figures announced at NEC meeting

UNISON’s final NEC meeting of 2018 opened with “good news to end the year on and a great way to start 2019”. A report on the month-long campaign for growth that the union ran in November – or Grovember as it was dubbed within the union – showed every region and every service group in […]

Blog: Not just the biggest union, but a growing union

We did it – UNISON is officially the biggest union in the UK. It makes me incredibly proud to say that, because I know what it means. It means that despite a decade of austerity, pay cuts, job losses and attacks on the public sector, UNISON has remained strong.

UNISON celebrates historic month of growth

UK’s largest union poised to show annual growth for first time in 10 years


We have lots of useful publications that you can use to recruit new members, and to remind existing members what’s on offer from their union.

Below we have picked out a cool half dozen of our most useful items, but there are plenty more in our online catalogue – so why not have a Browse.

There is lots more information on our online catalogue – why not go and have a browse.


November is a month full of awareness days, UNISON events and key national days. Why not have a think about how you could use some of those days to promote specific messages about why people should join UNISON.

Here are just a few examples, now it’s over to you to get creative.

2 November – National stress awareness day. A good opportunity to talk to staff about what UNISON can offer if you are struggling with stress in your workplace.

5-9 November – UNISON One Team Week. A week where we celebrate the hard work of all the vital non-clinical staff in the NHS. There’s tons of material you can order, so get making those cakes, organising those events and celebrating. It’s a great opportunity to ask staff in your trust to join the union that represents the whole team of staff in the NHS.

5-10 November – Living Wage Week: the new rates are announced on Monday 5 November.

5 November – remember remember the 5 of November – and don’t forget to join a union! A great excuse for a get-together, hot dogs, cakes and application forms!

21 November – world hello day. The aim is to say hello to 10 people, and while you are doing it why not ask them if they are interested in joining UNISON.

23 November – Stars in Our Schools. UNISON’s annual celebration of school support staff and the vital role they play in our children’s education. It’s the one day when we celebrate our school heroes, and we should take the opportunity to remind members that UNISON is proud to represent them. Why not find some more heroes and ask them to join UNISON.