Care UK workers call for funds as new strike begins

Care UK strikers in Doncaster have launched a new appeal for solidarity funds after embarking on their latest, three-week, strike on Monday.

When the current round of action ends, the workers – who were transferred from the NHS to private company Care UK – will have been on strike for a total of 90 days.

“It is clear that the employer intends to deskill and dumb down the skill base enjoyed by the current staff, and replace them with minimum-wage carers, thereby reducing the quality of the service provided,” says UNISON Yorkshre and Humberside regional manager Pam Johnson.

“Strikers continue to travel the country making their case and raising the issue at all levels. But the strikers need financial support and solidarity to keep up the fight.”

The Care UK workers started their latest round of action – a three-week strike – on Monday.

Messages of support or donations should be sent to:

Yvonne Butcher, branch secretary

Doncaster District and Bassetlaw Health Branch, 20511


Jenkinson House

White Rose Way

Doncaster DN4 5GJ 

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