Take action for Gaza

General secretary Dave Prentis has urged the UK government to “immediately end the arms trade with Israel”, calling the assault on Gaza “unjustifiable and totally disproportionate”.

The union is also calling on the international community “to provide urgently needed humanitarian aid to Gaza, including food, water, medical aid and generators”.

“But,” said Mr Prentis, “a lasting peace relies on an end to the illegal occupation and blockade of the Palestinian territories and for the creation of a viable, independent Palestinian state,” alongside a secure Israel within the 1967 borders recognised by the UN.

UNISON is supporting a national demonstration in London this weekend, assembling at Portland Place, London, on Saturday 9 August.

Jean Butcher, chair of the union’s international committee, warned: “The immediate concern for the people of Gaza is humanitarian as the territory is now facing a public health crisis.”

There are a number of actions that branches and members who want to help can take.


UNISON working internationally