Joint union statement regarding NHS Wales proposals on workforce terms and conditions

The joint trade unions have advised the NHS Wales employers and Welsh Government that they are prepared to accept proposals to changes to terms and conditions that have been subject to recent consultations and ballots.

In recognition of the very narrow majority in favour of acceptance, the joint trade unions made it clear to the employers that they would not be prepared to enter into discussions about any further cuts to terms and conditions.

In addition, the joint trade unions also made it clear that this agreement is subject to an equivalent agreement being reached and implemented for medical and dental staff.  Should this fail to materialise, then the joint trade unions’ acceptance of the proposals will be withdrawn and subject to further consultations with our members.

Trade unions and employers, subject to the above, will now enter into further discussions about the implementation of these proposals, in particular the process for dealing with performance-related incremental progression.

While a majority position has been agreed by the trade union side, Unite has indicated that it is not prepared to be party to that collective agreement and will separately declare a dispute on the issue and ballot its members on industrial action. As this dispute is ongoing, Unite will not be involved in further discussions on the implementation of the proposals.

Each union will also communicate separately with its members on the issue.