UNISON condemns Carmarthen council for removal of trade union secondments

UNISON Cymru/Wales has publicly condemned Carmarthenshire Council’s decision to remove the current and long standing trade union facility time secondments.

UNISON has called on Labour council leader Kevin Madge to recognise the important work undertaken by trade unions and to reinstate facility time secondments.

The local Carmarthen branch has launched a campaign attacking the council’s approach to meet budget challenges, including an online petition which has already received hundreds of signatures.

“This is not a solution to budget challenges, and the Council are deluded if they believe that will make savings through this approach,” said UNISON orgnaiser Simon Dunn.

“The fact of the matter is that removing these secondments will cost more in terms of bureaucracy and delays in process.

“The council’s decision is ill thought out and extremely short sighted. The current budget challenge means that the council is expected to make a £30m saving.

“To attempt to do this without properly resourced and structured facility time is irresponsible and will cost the council more in the long run. If the council’s motivation is to attempt bypass the unions to make cuts quicker and easier, then they will be in for a shock.

“This move has belittled the contribution made by UNISON and our members in the successful running of a local authority. With that in mind, we urge the council in the strongest terms to reinstate facility time secondments.

“Undermining the trade union movement in Carmarthen is undermining the voice of the workforce, and that is simply not acceptable, especially in a Labour-led authority.”

Sign the petition to Carmarthenshire council (link opens in new window)

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