Union joins call for decent jobs for all

UNISON has joined the call for decent work today – designated World Day for Decent Work by the ITUC.

The ITUC is calling for decent work to be at the centre of government actions to promote economic growth and build a new global economy that puts people first.

UNISON, along with millions of people around the globe, is marking the day by organising activities calling for decent work and social protection for all.

General secretary Dave Prentis called for the creation of decent jobs for everyone, including good apprenticeships, support for a living wage, jobs that give security, no more zero-hours contracts and an end to the vilification of people who have to exist on benefits because there are not enough suitable jobs around.

“Providing decent work contributes to social cohesion,” he said.

“It ends discrimination against women, young people and migrant workers. Decent work with decent wages means people can live with dignity.”

World Day for Decent Pay

UNISON working internationally