Rise in 15 minute care slots is a disgrace

The rise in the use of 15-minute home care slots is a disgraceful situation, fuelled by the Government’s heartless cuts” said Heather Wakefield, UNISON Head of Local Government today.  The union is reiterating its call for a national care service, based on the same principles as the national health service, paid for through taxation, based on need and free at the point of use.

Heather Wakefield, went on to say:

“This Government has a lot to answer for.  We are the 7th richest nation on this planet and we should be able to look after our elderly and disabled with care and dignity.  

“The government’s decision to cut the 50p rate of tax has cost the Treasury many millions of pounds that could and should have been spent on improving care.  In addition, not enough is being done to capture the tax dodgers and avoiders who are robbing decent taxpayers and costing the country billions.”

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