Labour plans for future NHS


Hastings and Eastbourne Health UNISON branch met Andy Burnham at Sussex College in Hastings.

Hastings and Eastbourne Health UNISON branch, Andy Burnham, Sussex College


Hastings and Eastbourne Health UNISON branch met Andy Burnham MP and Diane Abbot MP at Sussex College in Hastings yesterday (4 July).

Shadow shealth secretary Andy Burnham set out Labour’s plan for the future of the NHS. Andy told us he is committed to the NHS delivering an integrated health and social care service which recognises the growing demands of an aging population.

He stated that he is opposed to marketisation and competition in the NHS and that he is committed to repealing the Health and Social Care Act – removing part 3 which forces competition in the NHS.

His vision of the NHS is one that encourages collaborative working and addresses the social, mental and physical well being of the patient requiring service providers to work together and to focus on preventative measures and earlier intervention.

After his speech, Andy Burnham and Diane Abbot joined the audience for a discussion of their experiences and views on the problems of the NHS and the way forward.

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