Demonstrators tell government to properly fund the NHS

Thousands march in London, with other local demonstrations taking place around the country to highlight the crisis in the health service


Over 60,000 people braved freezing temperatures and rain to march in London on Saturday, calling for the NHS to be properly funded.

UNISON members joined other health workers, patients and activists to demand an end to the crisis in the NHS and call on Conservative health secretary Jeremy Hunt to properly fund hospital beds and medical staff.

General secretary Dave Prentis said that “members know that our National Health Service – our nation’s greatest institution – is in crisis.

“Thanks to years of underfunding from the Tories, our health service isn’t just under pressure during the winter, it’s under pressure every day of the year.

“NHS workers are being asked to do more with less, at work and in their pay packets, but without additional funding our health service is struggling to cope.”

The Fix It Now march saw a variety of speakers, including actor Ralf Little, and Nicky Romero, whose daughter Becky died because of a lack of NHS recourses.

There were also marches elsewhere in the country including Middlesbrough, Warrington, Macclesfield, Stafford, Worcester and Kidderminster.

Main photo: © Jess Hurd/