Blog: Our union is a women’s union

It was an honour and a privilege to address UNISON women’s conference once again today. This event is one of the most important yearly events for our union – the biggest conference by women for women in the UK.

UNISON is a union with more than a million women members. Women make up 80% of our membership.

Our union is a women’s union – with women writing our policies, running our campaigns and providing leadership at every level of our union.

I’m so proud of the union we have built together – but in the years to come, we can and must do more to be an even better union for women, ensuring that women’s voices are always heard loudest in our union.

This year we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary – something many people said would never happen. It is vital that, as we celebrate the past and reflect on our union’s future, we ensure that UNISON women have all the tools at their disposal to keep on fighting discrimination and abuse which have been brought into sharp focus on recent months.

Our union is the biggest and best in the country, because it’s unique. A union that did not put women first and fight discrimination wherever it is found would not be the union I know.

It is up to all of us to work together in the years ahead, and build on the achievements of this great union, together.