Suffragette descendant addresses UNISON women

Dr Helen Pankhurst addresses UNISON women’s conference

The great-granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst and granddaughter of Sylvia Pankhurst spoke of the ‘feminist moment’ we are having today, when she spioke at UNISON’s biggest ever women’s conference.

Dr Helen Pankhurst told the conference in Liverpool: “2018 seems potentially as symbolically important as 1918… If we can change social norms and change legislation when it’s needed, that is when the magic happens.”

Dr Pankhurst has just written a book entitled Deeds Not Words.

She told delegates that during her research she found that, while there are many types of inequalities that women face, violence against women was the overriding problem.

“My sense is the issue of power and powerlessness is the main issue,” she said. “Over two years of talking to women, it was violence against women that came up time and time again.

“The objectification of women is without doubt the most important area we need to act on. “

Dr Pankhurst spoke about the many women speaking up for their rights now.

“There are individuals speaking up against the norm, putting their case, like Carrie Gracie, standing up to be counted, and others support them.

“I think identifying the area that you want to do something about, and then getting a sisterhood around you is how to make change happen.”