College of Operating Department Practitioners (CODP)

The College of Operating Department Practitioners is the professional body for Operating Department Practitioners (ODPs) – ODPs are registered Allied Health Professionals and are regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

The College provides support and advice to its members and represents ODPs in aspects of professional, educational and workplace matters. The College has membership on national committees, advisory groups and responds to consultations set by government and other professional and registrant bodies.

CODP Vaccination and Immunisation Guidance


Who are ODPs?

ODPs are highly skilled and essential members of the surgical team who care and support patients during their operative procedures. The role of the ODP essentially covers three interconnected phases of perioperative care, the anaesthetic phase, the surgical and the post-anaesthetic care phase.

How do you become an ODP?

To become an ODP you need to undertake a degree or diploma programme and a list of those Universities that deliver a ODP programme can be found at the

NHS Health Careers course finder

After successfully completing a pre-registration ODP programme, it is necessary to apply for registration with the Health and Care Professions Council in order to use the protected title of ‘Operating Department Practitioner’.

Becoming a member of CODP

CODP is part of the Science, Technical and Therapy (STAT) occupational group of UNISON. ODPs and student ODPs can receive advice and guidance on professional issues from members of the CODP Professional Council while at the same time enjoying the full benefits of UNISON membership, such as workplace representation and access to legal representation on employment issues.

For ODPs working in higher education, membership of UNISON might not be the most appropriate union. For this reason, ODPs who are members of the University and College Union (UCU) can be members of the College through the reciprocal agreement between UNISON and UCU.

You can join UNISON and the College either in the workplace or online

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Please ensure that you state Operating Department Practitioner or Student ODP as your occupation so that the College can better serve you.

If you are an ODP and a member of the University and College Union please contact us by emailing Unfortunately, the wider UNISON member benefits are not available to you, these will continue to be provided direct by UCU.

If you are permanent member of Her Majesty’s armed services (not a reservist) and wish to seek professional advice from the College we recognise that you are not able to be a member of a trade union and so the Professional Council will continue to provide advice on professional issues to you directly.

Hannah Abbott – President CODP

Read the latest student ODP newsletter

A working group comprising organisations from across a range of health and social care sectors (including the College of Operating Department Practitioners) has launched a set of principles for continuing professional development (CPD) and lifelong learning.

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The principles are designed to guide individuals, employers and wider systems to create a culture of continuous improvement, workforce development and improve outcomes for service users. People working in the health and social care workforce operate in a changing, challenging and complex environment. Practising safely and effectively, now and in the future is essential.

The five principles are that CPD and Lifelong Learning should:

  1. be each person’s responsibility and be made possible and supported by your employer
  2. benefit the service users
  3. improve the quality of service delivery
  4. be balanced and relevant to each person’s area of practice or employment
  5. be recorded and show the effect on each person’s area of practice.

October 2021 CODP newsletter

The ODP news letter for October 2021.

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Members of the Professional Council of the College of Operating Department Practitioners

Hannah Abbott Hannah is the President of the College and an operating department practitioner with clinical and academic experience. She is currently an Associate Professor and Head of School, Health Sciences at Birmingham City University. Hannah is an experienced speaker at conferences, and has co-edited a number of texts including the perioperative practice case book […]

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Education and Standards

Welcome to the CODP Education and Standards webpage. Located on this page are relevant downloadable resources relevant for both Higher Education Institution (HEI) and Clinical Placement staff. Also found on this page are details of forthcoming Clinical and University Educators (CUE) Forums. Education and Standards Committee The purpose of the Education and Standards Committee is […]

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