Inequality in Goods, Facilities and Services

Conference is concerned that there remains inequality in the provision of goods, facilities and services to Transgender members especially in the case of medical treatment. Looking at Wales as an example, last year, this conference heard how the Health Commission Wales (HCW), a body of the Welsh Assembly set up to fund specialist services in […]

Bisexual Members

Conference recognises the work of the National Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Committee regarding bisexual members within the union and striving for inclusion and active participation of this group with activities such as Bisexual caucuses and network meetings. Conference is saddened to note however that bisexual members are still reluctant to participate for fear […]

Supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Members in the Highlands of Scotland

This conference welcomes the recent formation of a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Self-Organised Group (SOG) in the Highland Branch. This is an area of Scotland where there are few facilities for LGBT people. The land mass of the Highland branch is the same size as Belgium, with many small rural communities, where LGBT […]


This conference instructs the National Retired Members’ Committee to: i.Issue publicity material to ensure that retired members and branch secretaries are aware of the existence of UNISON Rule 6.1 whereby a retired member may become a member of the branch based closest to her/his place of residence; ii.Ensure that the necessary transfer documentation is available […]


This Conference instructs the National Retired Members’ Committee to ensure that where merged retired members’ sections exist, administrative arrangements are in place for the inclusion of retired members from all the branches concerned in card votes at retired members’ conferences.


Conference notes that in recent years UNISON has evolved from an organisation with a servicing culture to one with an organising approach. The union is more likely to get good results where it has strong membership organisation. Strong membership is based on the following organising principles: i.Working collectively; ii.Listening to members’ views; iii.Knowing where our […]


This Conference believes that the registration of individual retired members and retired member contacts is essential to the running of the National Retired Members Organisation. Conference, however, notes that there is no mention of the post of Branch Retired Members Section Secretary in the list of Branch Officers set out in both the National Rules […]


Conference notes that UNISON has established policy to undertake work to develop, train and elect members to become effective trustees or member representatives of private and public pension funds. The importance of member involvement can be illustrated by the Local Government Scheme (LGPS). Collectively the LGPS would be the largest pension fund in the UK […]


Conference notes that over 520,000 expatriate pensioners living in Commonwealth countries have contributed to a United Kingdom pension which has been arbitrarily frozen at the level it was first received. As a result, their state pension decreases in value in real terms every year. For example, a pensioner who retired in 1999 with a pension […]


Conference believes that although we are firmly committed to the restoration of the earnings link we should also seek to strengthen the link to price increase. Conference notes that the “shopping basket” used to calculate the price index contains many items that are not relevant to pensioners, for example, video games. Conference therefore requests that […]


This Conference welcomes the reduction in qualifying years for a full National Insurance Pension to 30 years from April 20th 2010. Conference notes with concern however that the Government has refused to phase in the change and this will result in individuals being significantly disadvantaged. It will also cause unfairness and resentment among those women […]

Rise Festival

Conference condemns the recent decision by the newly elected Tory Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, to take anti-racist campaigning and politics out of the annual Rise Festival. In a statement issued to trade unions last week, and confirmed in writing to UNISON on Tuesday, Johnson’s Director of Cultural Policy stated that the explicitly anti-racist campaigning […]


Conference notes with growing alarm the unfolding natural disaster in Burma. Conference is appalled at the response by the military junta in Burma to the natural disaster of Cyclone Nargis, illustrating as it does the contempt in which the regime holds the well-being of its own people. The failure to put in place any meaningful […]

EU Treaty

Conference notes that in the only test of public acceptability that has been given to any of the nations of Europe on the Lisbon Treaty (the latest incarnation of the European Constitution), the people of Ireland voted decisively to reject it on the 11th June .Conference welcomes the Irish vote. This historic vote to scrap […]


Conference believes that Retired Members’ Conference should include Caucus Meetings for Black Members, Disabled Members, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Members and Women Members. This would establish parity with all the Conferences of their working counterparts who have had such meetings as part of their timetable virtually since UNISON’s inception in 1993. These meetings provide […]