Local Government Finance and Protecting Members Jobs

Conference is aware that local authorities are in unprecedented financial times. Conference notes: 1)the major changes taking place in the role of local government; 2)the government has now announced that it will end contributions from the national taxpayer through the Revenue Support Grant (RSG) from 2020/21 and the reduction in revenue support grant of more […]

Devolution and Combined Authorities

Conference notes the development of the devolution agenda and further notes that: 1)Local government is a devolved matter in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland; 2)The Scotland Bill devolves more powers to the Scottish Parliament from April 2017, the Wales Act 2014 devolves some tax and borrowing powers to the Wales Government National Assembly for Wales […]

Decision of the UNISON NJC committee to accept two

Conference deplores the decision of the National Joint Council (NJC) Committee, on 27 April 2016, on a divided vote, to accept the pay offer from the employers for local government workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (the Local Government Association – LGA). This decision is deeply flawed for a number of reasons: 1. The […]


Conference notes that on 18th May 2016 the Government’s proposals to force maintained schools to become academies in England were announced alongside limits on local authorities’ role in school improvement and a revised national funding formula for schools. The stated aim in these proposals is for all schools to become academies with the Secretary of […]

Transfer of Public Health commissioning to local councils in England

Conference notes the successive transfers of commissioning responsibility for Public Health from the NHS in England to local councils since the abolition of PCTs. The most recent was the responsibility for Children & Young People’s (0-19) Health and Wellbeing (mainly School Nursing and Health Visiting) on 1st October 2015. We also note: i)the ‘in year’ […]


Conference notes that the commissioning and provision of social care across the UK is delivered in different ways .In Northern Ireland health and social care is an integrated system. This has meant that NHS social care workers have benefitted from the Agenda for Change pay system. In contrast, those working in private provision are exploited […]

Defend Our NHS Migrant Workforce

Conference notes there is no doubt that we are living in challenging times. Austerity has seen a vicious scapegoating campaign with the likes of Ukip, Britain First and the Daily Mail using this agenda to promote the idea that black people, Muslims, immigrants, refugees and other minorities are responsible for the deteriorating economic situation. Conference […]

Protection for Whistleblowers in NHS

This Conference is aware of the stress placed on a member when they access the whistleblowing process. A decision to whistleblow is often the result of much soul searching by the Member(s) and is made more difficult when they see the effects on other people who have ‘whistleblown’. This can lead to: • suspension from […]


Conference notes that the Pay Review Body recommendation in 2014/2015 was treated differently by the government in all four parts of the UK and led to detrimental variations in the pay rates across the countries. This was repeated in 2015/2016. The consequences for our members in Northern Ireland are that we now have the lowest […]

The interpretation of NHS E-Expenses and levels of travel scheme

The introduction of e-expenses has simplified claiming for expenses for staff that travel a lot with their role as there is an app that you can get on your phone to make this really simple as you start it everytime you get into your car. Unfortunately, travel is paid at the shortest route and this […]

Recruiting and the over reliance on agency staff.

Staff shortages in the NHS and cuts to public sector budgets have caused an over reliance on Agency Staff to fill the skills gap in the NHS. Most of these staff are former NHS workers who were made redundant in the last few years. The cost of Agency Staff is much higher than employing a […]

Addressing the race equality gap for NHS staff

The NHS, which generations of Black workers helped to build, still continues to depend on their hard work. It’s the largest employer of Black people in England. Over 19% of nurses and 11% of non-medical staff in the NHS are non-white. However, too many of our members are still experiencing racist discrimination in the workplace […]

Private Contractors in the NHS – We are all UNISON members

Conference recognises that private contractors have sadly been a part of our NHS for a generation. This can be a major impediment to achieving UNISON’s long established policy that everyone working within healthcare are part of one NHS team. Private Contractors range from those with whom UNISON branches and activitsts can have a professional working […]

Fair treatment and Consistency

Conference, Disabled members in health are concerned about the growing number of reorganisations which are leading to down banding. In addition to down banding and with government pay restraint health workers are becoming financially worse off. Disabled members believe that the integrity of an equal pay system must be maintained for all workers but the […]

Impact of Demand on Health Workers

The impact of increasing demand on health workers is becoming intolerable. Staff feel less and less appreciated and under more and more pressure, and this produces a further barrier for disabled people in the workplace. Conference, we are concerned that longer shifts are particularly impacting on the ability of disabled people and women to remain […]