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2016 Health Care Service Group Conference
18 December 2015

Conference notes that the commissioning and provision of social care across the UK is delivered in different ways .In Northern Ireland health and social care is an integrated system. This has meant that NHS social care workers have benefitted from the Agenda for Change pay system. In contrast, those working in private provision are exploited and paid minimum wage rates.

Conference further notes that UNISON Northern Ireland vigorously campaigns for the retention and extension of social care delivery within a public health model. This is the best model for both the client users and the workforce.

Conference recognises that the Northern Ireland experience of the purchaser provider split has driven the development of health service delivery in a negative direction . It also has led to a growth of the ‘for profit’ private sector, lowering of care standards and most of all the creation of a two tier workforce and pay system.

Conference is aware of the strategic emphasis UNISON Northern Ireland places on challenging the commissioner provider split and increasing privatisation.

Conference calls on the SGE to:

1)Challenge the two tier workforce pay system,

2)Seek to ensure that AFC pay model or equivalent is the standard contract in health and social care provision in each and every circumstance across the UK,

3)Conference further calls on the SGE to campaign to ensure that those commissioning services with public money don’t sell the contracts to the lowest price bidder.