Private Contractors in the NHS – We are all UNISON members

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2016 Health Care Service Group Conference
18 December 2015

Conference recognises that private contractors have sadly been a part of our NHS for a generation. This can be a major impediment to achieving UNISON’s long established policy that everyone working within healthcare are part of one NHS team.

Private Contractors range from those with whom UNISON branches and activitsts can have a professional working realtitionships to those who are exceptionally hostile to trade unions. In order to have influence with the contractor, UNISON needs to have strong membership density and effective representatives at a local, branch, regional and national levels.

We commend those branches who have fully embraced the diversity of their membership and have made space for branch officers with specific responsibility for contractors in their remit (such as a PFI officer)

Conference recognises the work that has been re-established at a national level regarding relationships with the “main players” but also recognises that there may be genuine difficulties within branches to adequately support, organise and represent members within contractors.

Conference calls on the Service Group Executive to work with branches to

1)Recruit and retain members employed by private contractors

2)Recruit and retain stewards, Health and Safety reps, ULRs and Equality reps within private contractors

3)Establish strong bargaining and organising strategies for private contractors

4)Run a campaign (with dedicated financial resources) to extend the NHS pension provision to private contractor staff working within the NHS

5)Report on progress at Healthcare Conference 2017