Supporting LGBT organising in privatised health care services

Conference reaffirms our belief that health services are best delivered by a public sector workforce directly employed by the NHS. However, the Tory government shows no signs of diverting from its ideological task of privatising health services. Increasing numbers of our members – and potential members – are now working for private companies. Their need […]

Seven day services and safe staffing

Conference believes that moves to seven day operation must be carried out on a case by case basis informed by a robust evidence base. Conference asserts that extending the hours NHS services operate will require additional funding and cannot be achieved from within existing resources. Conference recognises that current Agenda for Change unsocial hours payments […]

Professional regulation of healthcare staff

Conference notes that professional registration is a topic of great interest to UNISON members working in healthcare. Many of our members are required to be professionally registered to practise their professions. For some members such as healthcare assistants UNISON has long-standing policy aspirations for a statutory registration scheme. For other parts of our membership our […]

Campaign for better mental health services

Conference notes that mental health services continue to suffer from lack of adequate funding and poor staff to service user ratios. Many service users have been hit by cuts in welfare benefits and other austerity measures. Many staff work extra hours without pay in order to try to keep their services going; they have faced […]

Dementia Friends

Conference congratulates The Scottish Health Committee in becoming Dementia Friends. A Dementia Friends information session is a free interactive and informative training course that provides you with an understanding of how to interact with people who have dementia. Five key dementia messages are brought to life through a number of activities delivered by trained Dementia […]

Monitor’s proposals threaten safe staffing

Conference notes with concern the letter sent out in Summer 2015 by Monitor and the Trust Development Authority to all provider trusts in England asking them to take urgent measures to reduce the predicted national £2 billion health deficit. The measures suggested include “to ensure vacancies are filled only where essential”, but does not explain […]

Unsocial Hours

Health Conference notes the outcome of the Pay Review Body’s report on any barriers that unsocial hours payments place on introducing seven-day services across the NHS in England, Cymru/Wales and Northern Ireland which was published in July 2015; and conference cautiously welcomes the conclusion that there was no case for radical change to the Agenda […]

Refreshing Agenda for Change

Conference notes that negotiations have been taking place with NHS Employers over refreshing Agenda for Change. Conference calls on the Health Service Group Executive to reject any proposals that lead to a detriment to our members.


Conference notes that the Government made a promise of an increase in the annual funding for the NHS of £8bn more above the annual rate in inflation by 2020. Conference demands that the Government not only keeps its promise but that it pays the extra £ 8bn now. This payment needs to be actioned now […]


This conference believes that it is vital to reverse the trend of reducing training opportunities for all healthcare staff. Training is a casualty of the reduction in funding and ongoing staff shortages. More than a third of nursing staff do not feel adequately updated with their core training. This issue is relevant to health service […]

Health and Safety Expertise within Branches

Conference has concerns in regards to the way Healthcare organisations are attempting to meet the safer staffing levels recommended by the Francis Report. Often organisations are meeting these staffing requirements by the use of poor or inadequate skill mixing which includes the use of unsatisfactory banding levels of agency and bank staff in most health […]

Student Funding & the NHS Bursary

The decision by George Osbourne in the comprehensive spending review to scrap the NHS Bursary is short sighted and will have serious implications for the future of our NHS workforce. The shortage we currently have of nurses and midwives is as a direct result of the previous Government’s decision to slash pre registration training in […]

The NHS Funding Crisis

Conference is appalled at the ongoing under-funding of our NHS. Conference refutes the claims of the Westminster government to have protected the NHS from spending cuts. Conference asserts that since 2010 NHS spending has failed miserably to keep pace with the spiralling costs of healthcare caused by increased demand, an ageing population and expensive new […]

Promoting the health and wellbeing of NHS Staff

Conference notes that employers have a duty of care to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of their staff. Pledge 3 of the NHS Constitution (England) – a document whose principles are supported by all UK health departments – also makes a commitment to staff to maintain their health, wellbeing and safety. However, Conference is […]

Migrant Workers and the NHS

Conference condemns the comments made by Home Secretary Theresa May at the 2015 Conservative conference where she stated “at best the net economic and fiscal effect of high immigration is zero”. Conference believes this is not only inflammatory but is also not backed by evidence. The NHS is dependent on migrant workers to maintain and […]