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2016 Health Care Service Group Conference
14 December 2015

This conference believes that it is vital to reverse the trend of reducing training opportunities for all healthcare staff.

Training is a casualty of the reduction in funding and ongoing staff shortages. More than a third of nursing staff do not feel adequately updated with their core training.

This issue is relevant to health service members as we look towards the implementation of Revalidation next year and it is a priority that healthcare staff receive essential training in order to maintain standards of care for our patients.

This conference calls upon the Health Service Group Executive to

1)Support health branches to campaign for extra funding for the training of all health care staff.

2)Promote the recruitment of at least one ULR within each health branch.

3)Campaign for paid time off for all training.

4)Campaign to reverse the trend of E-learning in the Health Service as the sole method for core training subjects.