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2016 Health Care Service Group Conference
14 December 2015

Conference notes that the Government made a promise of an increase in the annual funding for the NHS of £8bn more above the annual rate in inflation by 2020.

Conference demands that the Government not only keeps its promise but that it pays the extra £ 8bn now.

This payment needs to be actioned now in order to prevent hospital and bed closures. There is a current inability to recruit and retain staff leading to excessive spending on agency staff. There is a reliance on the goodwill of staff to cover shortfalls but that this leads to increased sickness absence due to work related stress.

We request the Health Service Group Executive takes the following actions:

1)Initiate an urgent public campaign

2)Lobby Government to honour their promises and meet our demands

3)Link with other Trade Unions and Professional Bodies to highlight deficiencies in health care

4)To link all regions together to produce a national campaign on cuts.