EM2 – Hate Crime

On Monday 5th November 2012 a man was arrested and subsequently released with a caution after he admitted a public order offence for a homophobic attack on two Manchester residents on a train from Blackpool. Delegates may have seen this posted on YouTube. Conference is aware of the high profile case of the racist Jacqueline […]

EM1 – Defending our reproductive and sexual rights

Conference is concerned that on 6 October the newly appointed Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, stated that he backs halving the legal time limit for women to have abortions, from 24 to 12 weeks. Only days earlier Maria Miller, the new Minister for Women and Equalities, said she supported a cut to 20 […]


On Sunday 7 October 2012, the Prime Minister, David Cameron gave an assurance that he would not cut universal benefits for pensioners such as free bus passes and winter fuel payments. This statement is the exact opposite of that made by his Coalition partner, Nick Clegg who has stated his support for stripping so-called “rich” […]

Failure to act on National Conference Motion 62

The South East Regional Police & Justice Committee wishes conference to acknowledge its grave disappointment that the Union in General has failed to act on the National Conference Motion 62 to promote and publicise the PCC elections in November. Conference instructs the SGE to raise this with National Office and require a report as to […]

Disabled members and the “spare bedroom tax”

MOTION TO LGBT CONFERENCE Conference notes the changes to Housing Benefit Legislation which is leading to additional pressure on those renting in the private sector. The Local Housing Allowance (LHA) restriction to that of a room in a shared house for single people under 35 has led to an increase in rent arrears and homelessness. […]

Attitudes against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Disabled (LGBT) Disabled People

MOTION TO LGBT CONFERENCE Conference notes that attitudes towards disabled people have worsened in the current economic climate and have been exacerbated by the Government. The government provides misinformation about disabled people and benefits which has led to a hate campaign by tabloid press and the scapegoating of disabled people. Labelled as ‘scroungers’ one tabloid […]

The future for equalities

MOTION TO LGBT CONFERENCE Conference notes that the Minister for Women and Equalities is now Maria Miller, the former Minister for Disability. During Miller’s term of office as Disability Minister, we have seen unprecedented attacks on the rights of disabled people: • The closure of the Independent Living Fund (ILF) and funding passed to local […]

Pay and Pride

MOTION TO NATIONAL DELEGATE CONFERENCE Conference deplores the head-long attack on equalities from the Tory-led Westminster government and their attempts to dismantle workplace rights. Conference notes that this is particularly vitriolic in relation to public services, with the public sector equality duty portrayed as burdensome bureaucracy and public sector workers lampooned as well-rewarded, secure and […]

Out of many we are one – hope for real independence and LGBT equality in Jamaica

MOTION TO LGBT CONFERENCE Conference welcomes the election of Portia Simpson Miller as the first woman prime minister of Jamaica and celebrates the 50th Year of Jamaican Independence. Conference notes that Jamaica’s last prime minister had said he would not allow any homosexuals to serve in his cabinet. But Portia Simpson Miller said in a […]

The right to family life – for some

MOTION TO LGBT CONFERENCE Conference notes with concern that recent immigration rule changes have – amongst other new restrictions – introduced a minimum income threshold for those wanting to sponsor a non-European Economic Area (EEA) partner to join them in the UK. This threshold starts at £18,600, rising to £22,400 for a partner and one […]

Olympics Bailout the true cost

Conference notes with concern the failure of G4s to fulfill it’s contract to provide security services for the London 2012 Olympics between 29th July and 17th August 2012. The use of Police Officers and Armed services to fill gaps put additional strain on local policing services and additional cost to the exchequer/Tax Payer. Conference believes […]

‘Corrective’ Rape

Conference notes the positive steps and campaigns taken by UNISON’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) self organised group (SOG) to tackle violence against women both within the United Kingdom (UK) and as part of our International agenda. It is the right of all women regardless of their race, colour, religious belief, sexual orientation or […]

Raising the awareness of Domestic Abuse in the LGBT Community

Conference acknowledges the work that UNISON does to raise awareness of domestic abuse. UNISON published a model domestic violence and abuse policy in 2010 and works to ensure stewards and work place representatives understand that domestic abuse also has an impact on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, and that they know where to […]


Conference welcomes the: 1)Adoption by UNISON Conference 2012 of Composite L on Palestine, which reaffirmed UNISON’s existing policy and agreed that UNISON should: A)Use its influence in trade union bodies to raise the findings of the Russell Tribunal, which found that the state of Israel subjects the Palestinian people to a regime of domination amounting […]

Increase in HIV Education Spending

This conference notes the increasing Government cut backs on Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) education. In 2010, the number of people living with HIV in the United Kingdom (UK) reached an estimated 91,500, according to the Health Protection Agency (HPA), with around a quarter of these people (22,000-plus) being unaware that they are infected. The HPA […]