EM2 – Hate Crime

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2012 National LGBT Conference
9 November 2012

On Monday 5th November 2012 a man was arrested and subsequently released with a caution after he admitted a public order offence for a homophobic attack on two Manchester residents on a train from Blackpool. Delegates may have seen this posted on YouTube.

Conference is aware of the high profile case of the racist Jacqueline Woodhouse spent 21 WEEKS behind bars for racist slurs on public transport after she was found guilty of racially aggravated intentional harassment on public transport, she was also given an ASBO for 5 years and banned from using public transport while intoxicated for 5 years

Conference is appalled in the difference in these two sentences and calls on National committee to encourage regions and branches to publicise and sign the e-petition which calls for an investigation into why the decision was made to issue a caution in this case.

Conference further asks National Committee to write to the Home Secretary calling for a statement on the Government’s stance on sentencing for homophobic and hate crimes; and to respond to this statement if appropriate.