Olympics Bailout the true cost

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2012 Police & Justice Conference
19 September 2012

Conference notes with concern the failure of G4s to fulfill it’s contract to provide security services for the London 2012 Olympics between 29th July and 17th August 2012. The use of Police Officers and Armed services to fill gaps put additional strain on local policing services and additional cost to the exchequer/Tax Payer.

Conference believes that policing services should be provided by public employees who are dedicated to providing a service not generating profit for shareholders. The expectation of G4s to receive payment in full from the government for the Olympic contract is unreasonable under the circumstances, especially as additional public/government resources were used to provide the necessary public protection and fill the gap.

These events should send a stern warning to Police Authorities, Chief Constables and prospective Police and Crime Commissioners that the use of private companies to provide policing is not best use of resources or the knowledge and dedication of directly employed staff. It is important that the additional cost of bridging the gap between promise and delivery of contract by G4s is explored and made known to the Police Service and the public.

Conference therefore calls upon the SGE to:

1. Contact Branches to obtain information as to how Police Staff may have been utilised for the purposes of supporting the additional officers used during the Olympic period including, any additional costs which may include for example overtime or cancelled rest days, travel and subsistence etc.

2. Use any evidence gained from the above to inform discussions and share information in support of the campaign to “stop Police Privatisation”.