UNISON welcomes government climb down over restrictions on unions’ social media activity

Welcoming the news today (Tuesday) that the government has decided to abandon plans for unions to give two weeks notice of any social media activity when involved in industrial action, UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis said:

“Thankfully the government has called time on its ridiculous plans to have all union social media activity related to strikes vetted two weeks in advance.

“No-one knows what they will be tweeting or posting a fortnight before they do, and no other organisation would have been subject to such controls on their campaigning.

“But the Bill with all its vindictive attacks on people at work and their unions remains. The government seems determined to stop people from having a voice at work.

“Ministers want to make life as difficult as they possibly can for unions, and the millions of people who belong to them, by ending check off as a system for collecting membership fees, and placing limits on the amount of time union reps can spend supporting their colleagues.

“Instead of undermining the civil liberties of people at work and weakening employees’ rights to help when things go wrong, ministers’ time would be much better spent focusing on the real problems facing ordinary families.”