Little to celebrate

This week, we are celebrating International Youth Day – but a new report from UNISON shows that sadly there is little to celebrate. 

Government cuts have taken their toll on a service that is near breaking point, with the closure of 350 youth centres and 2,000 youth workers axed since 2012.

Short-termism is behind the cuts, with savings now storing up problems and more expense in the future.

The vital support that our members in youth services give to young people helps them find employment, reduce substance abuse and improve the take-up of education, giving them real opportunities for the future.

Denying vulnerable youngsters help when they need it leads to a whole raft of problems, such as increased crime and poverty, which will inevitably cost them and us all more.

The cuts to youth services are just part of the cumulative impact of government spending cuts.

Our members working for Care UK in Doncaster are on the front-line of those cuts.

The staff, who care for the disabled, have seen their pay slashed by up to 35% and have taken 48 strike days since September last year in support of their claim for a living wage. 

I am proud of our members for taking such a difficult stand and UNISON is standing with them to see that justice is done. 

Send your support to our members at Care UK.

Find out more about how you can support our Care UK strikers