Second Much More Than You Are exhibition fights ‘bandism’

Chris Akaluka explains how the annual event was held at Newham University Hospital helps foster “unity, friendships and partnerships”

Chris Akaluka introduces the More Than You Are exhibition

The second annual Much More Than You Are exhibition was held at Newham University Hospital on Saturday to celebrate the full NHS team.

The event was launched last year by Newham Healthcare branch committee and, after its overwhelming success, has been turned into an annual celebration. According to branch secretary Chris Akaluka (pictured above), the idea of the event was to combat a culture of ‘bandism’.

Explaining the term, he says: “Bandism is a term I coined to describe the phenomenon where staff on higher bands may look down on those on lower bands.”

The day allowed people to demonstrate the diverse range of abilities that aren’t typically seen during regular work hours, with food exhibitions, film screenings and much more.

It was also interspersed with interviews, awards and a premiere of a new UNISON film that focused on a successful insourcing campaign at the branch.

Jo Galloway (left), Greater London regional secretary, speaking at the event

Jo Galloway (left), Greater London regional secretary, speaking at the event

Chris adds: “Much More Than You Are enhances the visibility of our members beyond the distinctions of uniform colours and bands they belong to, and fosters unity, friendships and partnerships across bands.”

“I think, in that way the day also identifies a really important part of UNISON’s One Team For Patient Care campaign ­– the social, hospital culture element.

One Team

One Team highlights NHS support staff and aims to give them the recognition they deserve.

These unsung heroes are playing a vital role in tackling record NHS waiting lists and they work tirelessly throughout the health service to clean wards, maintain vital equipment, order medical supplies, book appointments and cook meals – all to ensure that patients get the care they need.

These staff don’t always get the recognition they deserve, but UNISON is proud to represent them, and proud of the important role they all play in patient care.

One Team Day is coming up on 15 November, but the deadline for ordering merchandise is Tuesday 24 October.

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One team for patient care