Kindness in the age of COVID-19

In this tough time, small acts of kindness make the world of difference. UNISON members share their experiences of kindness.

Despite the overwhelming nature of COVID-19, people have been stepping up to support their friends and their communities.

Here are some heartwarming UNISON members’ experiences of kindness during the coronavirus pandemic.

Alison Hann says: “Our branch welfare officer, Aly Thornton, sent small gifts to each member of her work team.

“It really lifted spirits and she did it anonymously, so the gift kept giving as people tried to guess who the mystery gift giver was.

“So kind, so thoughtful.”

Craig Stevens from Telford explains that “the school I work in has been giving us free lunches while we are in school looking after key workers’ children.”

He goes on to add that it’s “been well received by us all at work – we thought it was a nice touch.”

Over in Suffolk, Jusie Rublico says that she was “down with the virus for five weeks.”

Fortunately for her, “my neighbour is doing my shopping, and many of my friends left me cooked food in my front door. I owe them a dinner party when we eventually get our freedom!”

Gillian McLaren works at Fife Council. It was her birthday earlier this week and she says: “A colleague sent a text to say she had left something at my door – she had made me six cupcakes”

Ambulance worker Eamon Murphy says that “a very kind gent paid for some shopping at the beginning of my shift – insisted on doing it.”

Have you experienced or witnessed small kindnesses during COVID-19? Then why not share your stories here and inspire others?