Dealing with the aftermath of Ciara and Dennis

UNISON insurance partner UIA is already helping members deal with storm damage to their property

Photo of heavy rain bouncing on a roof

Storm Ciara is still making its effects felt – and will be followed by Storm Dennis, due to hit the country at the end of this week.

As of yesterday, there were185 flood alerts and 77 flood warnings in place across the UK. And the outlook could be still be grim: high winds are forecast for the South West, Midlands, North West, Scotland and Northern Ireland, while heavy snow is also expected.

Many UNISON members are out dealing with the effects of the wind, rain and snow as part of their jobs. Others are dealing with the effects of the storms at home.

To help those who have seen storm damage to their property, UNISON’s insurance partner UIA is on hand.

So far, the insurer has received more than 80 claims relating to Storm Ciara; most for minor or moderate damage to property.

UIA’s response to Storm Ciara and the possible effects of Storm Dennis include:

  • helping members get quick settlements, which can be as simple as claimants sending a photo of the damage to their property along with a quote from their local tradesperson – allowing UIA to settle within the limits of their policy and the members to start the work needed to make any small repairs;
  • if members need a more substantial service, UIA will source tradespeople and manage the process on the member’s behalf.

During the past 18 months, UIA has invested in its claims team, including training and development, and improved systems and processes.

UIA home insurance and UNISON

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