This will be ‘catastrophic’ for working people

UNISON joins over 80 civil society organisations in writing to the PM, arguing that the price of a no-deal Brexit is too high

UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis is supporting the urgent message of over 80 civil society organisations that a no-deal Brexit will be catastrophic for working people.

The Brexit Civil Society Alliances’ urgent message sent to the Prime Minister today argues that a no-deal risks too much for too little and will be catastrophic to working people, civil society and communities.

Mr Prentis says the open letter to the PM shows how the government has failed to listen to the concerns of civil society organisations, that a no-deal Brexit will impact negatively on workers’ rights, standards, EU citizens rights, devolved governance and transparent law-making.

Coming together from across the devolved nations, as well as a breadth of English regions, the signatories of the letter, which include those delivering front-line public and community services, are unified in their concerns.

In particular the threat to communities in Northern Ireland and the Good Friday Agreement presented by no-deal, with its regression of rights and standards, and legal uncertainty of the Good Friday Agreement is too high a price to pay for Brexit at any cost.

 Read the full press release and letter here