Dyslexia – what does it mean and how can you help?

New UNISON online training module helps members and activists understand the condition and equips you to support colleagues

screengrab of dyslexia online learning module

UNISON has launched a new online training module to help union members and activists support colleagues who have, or suspect they have, dyslexia and to better understand the condition.

It is a short, informal module, designed to allow learners to work through an overview of the topic at their own pace, and features a series of activities and video interviews with UNISON members.

It explores what it’s like to have dyslexia and the legal obligations and protections for people with the condition.

It also includes tips on making union branch communications dyslexia-friendly.

It and similar online modules can be found on the web at learning.unison.org.uk.

This is a member-only site and you will need to register if you haven’t already. There is a prompt that will take you to an easy-to-use registration form if you’re not already signed up.