All schools ‘should get the funds they need for success’

UNISON warns against ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ as government launches consultation on a new English school funding formula

UNISON is calling for all schools to “get the funds they need to achieve success ,” as the government launched a consultation today on a new national funding formula for schools in England.

The consultation, which closes on 17 April, is phase one of a two-part process.

Commenting as the consultation got under way, UNISON national secretary for education and children’s services Jon Richards said: “We recognise there are some inconsistencies in the current funding formula for schools in England.

“However, it is clear that the best-funded areas – such as inner London’s Hackney and Tower Hamlets – also have some of the best results for state schools.

“The issue is of underfunding of poor areas – not overfunding of the successful areas.”

He urged the government not to rob Peter to pay Paul by cutting the funding of the successful areas.

“UNISON wants to see the areas with the worse funding brought up to the level of the better funded areas,“ said Mr Riochards, “so that all schools can get the funds they need to achieve the success of the best schools.”