Sheffield Metropolitan branch general secretary nomination

Revised summary of nominations

Since the voting packs were printed, it has come to light that there was a failure to process a nomination form from Sheffield Metropolitan local government branch.

That nomination has since been checked by the Scrutineer, who has confirmed it as a valid nomination for Heather Wakefield.

Unfortunately it was too late to include this nomination in the voting material circulated with the voting papers. An apology has been issued to the candidate and the branch.

A revised summary of nominations for all candidates is below

Roger Bannister, Knowsley branch

Nominated by 25 branches


John Burgess, Barnet local government branch

Nominated by 62 branches and 1 regional council


Dave Prentis, general secretary

Nominated by 204 branches, 8 regional councils, 6 service groups and the National Executive Council


Heather Wakefield, national secretary for local government, police and justice

Nominated by 82 branches, 1 regional council, and 1 service group